“Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here!” J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


Our charges for one-to-one tuition are £36 per hour, payable monthly in advance, as follows:

  • For most pupils, a 30 minute lesson is recommended: 1 lesson costs £18; 4 lessons cost £72; 12 lessons cost £216.
  • For pupils working towards higher grade exams, a longer lesson may be appropriate but we will discuss this with you.

Tuition fees should be paid on (or before) the first lesson of each month. This guarantees that if/when there is a rise in tuition fees, existing pupils will not be affected by the higher rate - that is, your initial rate can be preserved indefinitely. (We have many long-standing pupils who pay less than our current published hourly rate.)

Methods of payment include bank transfer [BACS - preferred] or cash. We will email you an invoice a few days before the first lesson of each month.

Pupils are charged in advance for the number of lessons available during the month. Any adjustments are generally carried forward to the following month's invoice.

Missed Lessons

If we miss a lesson, e.g. because of illness or a concert, we will notify you as soon as possible and make up the lesson at an agreed time.

If you miss a lesson:

  • through illness - we expect you to tell us as soon as you can: we will try to make up the lesson at an agreed time when you are better, or a lesson credit will be given towards a lesson in the future;
  • for any reason other than illness - provided you give us at least 24 hours notice, you will not be charged and a lesson credit will be given towards a lesson in the future.

Ensemble lessons

We will occasionally offer pupils the opportunity to take part in a small group session, for example to enhance sight reading before an exam or to practice for an upcoming performance.  These sessions are charged at £36 per hour, the cost being shared between the number of pupils participating.

Piano accompaniment for instrumental exams

For our own pupils this is free. 

For pupils of other instrumental music teachers, this fee is £36 and includes a half hour practice in our studio in advance of the exam, a short 'warm-up' at the exam venue and accompaniment at the exam itself.

Changing strings

Changing a set of violin strings, including tuning -  £18

Changing a set of guitar strings, including tuning -  £24

[There  is no charge for changing a single broken string within a lesson.]

Music, books, reeds, strings, etc.

We can supply these for you or point you towards relevant suppliers. If supplied by us, please pay promptly via your preferred method.

Stopping lessons

Occasionally, pupils find they have chosen an instrument that they don't get on with and wish to change to another one. We are happy to accommodate this if we can.

Sometimes, pupils want to stop lessons for other reasons. We very much hope that you won't, but If you do decide to stop your lessons altogether,  you will not be charged for the rest of the term as long as you give us one calendar month's notice, in writing. [Please do come to all of the lessons you have paid for though!]

Resuming lessons

Sometimes pupils stop lessons for a while due to various circumstances and then resume when circumstances allow. If we know your dates in advance, we may be able to hold open your lesson for you free of charge; otherwise you should re-apply in the normal way.

Examination fees

Fees for examinations are published by the various examining boards [see 'Resources' tab]. Pupils taking music exams should ensure that we have received the relevant fee in advance of the application being submitted by us. [Please note that only pupils who are likely to pass confidently will be entered for exams.]